all of it, all

Let me state what may be obvious: things have gotten busy. While I’m very pleased with how the class has been working, both practically and conceptually, it’s a lot of stuff. I mean, a lot. I had thought I would turn these eight weeks into a decent class syllabus for future job applications, but I’m starting to think there’s no way this could be done in one semester, especially if the class were only meeting a few hours a week… It can barely be done in eight weeks, every day. Technique, History, and Theory, all in one? I might need to reign it in.

Nevermind the general social obligations here (photoshoots, trades, gifts, pieces for the auction, a prize for the Prom…), there’s also been day trips to Boston and Charleston, and a little Symposium thing I’ve been organizing, which turns out to be more than a little work. Nevertheless, there’s plenty to say, but I’ll try to be brief as I catch up.

Resume here.

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